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Why Reman is Right for You and your Customer

Aug 30 2019 1 Min. Read

The word "Reman" might scare you, but our products are OEM parts rebuilt with OEM components, tested to OEM standards, at a significant discount.

Reman Vaporizer Before and After Photos

Reman Vaporizer Before and After Remanufacturing

Our Reman Process

We fully disassemble each vaporizer and then thoroughly wash and sand blast it until all dirt and LPG tar is removed. We remanufacture each vaporizer using new OEM repair kits, including all seals, diaphragms, screws and o-rings. Each vaporizer is tested using OEM standards and techniques learned from working directly with the factory.  

Learn more about the process.

Joysticks/Control Handles

Our joysticks and control handles go through a similarly rigorous process. They are disassembled and cleaned. The base is repaired as needed with new bushings and components. A special insert is installed into the bottom to provide additional support. It is then greased and tested. All the buttons are replaced, and the wires are wrapped in a protective sleeve. The buttons and sensors are tested to OEM standards that were developed in conjunction with the factory.

Remanufactured Control Handle
Underside of a control handle that has been remanufactured to look and operate like new

Worried about Warranty?

All products come with a 1/Year Limited warranty.

Shipping is FREE!

We keep all parts in stock and everything ships UPS Ground for Free.

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