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German Bionic Exoskeletons

Built leaner, lighter and more comfortable for long-term use, German Bionic'ss Apogee makes exoskeletons more accessible, easy to use and deploy than ever before.

Advanced PPE solutions provide physical support, energy and relief for labor-intensive tasks, and data-backed insights for organizations to identify, implement and maintain workplace safety initiatives.

Bring your workers into your digital workflows with wearable tools that allow for optimization where full automation is not possible. Exoskeleton augmentation provides advanced support for tasks such as lifting, unloading and static holds.

Combat costly risks associated with workplace injury and occupational health, while addressing increasing consumer demand and supply chain pressure. Our team is here to help validate your use case, educate on recommendations and help gain employee buy in.

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German Bionic Apogee

Apogee on a person

German Bionic Apogee

Active dual-support
Walking assistance and lifting support for up to 30kg (66lbs).

Multi-task use
Utilized in tasks involving lifting, unloading, static holds and walking.

Real-time data
Monitor device usage and safety practices through our insight platform.

Easy deployment
We drive user adoption through hands-on training, user insights and gamification.

Effortless wear
Newly designed vest and floating connector for an easier and more comfortable fit.

One device – custom fit
Customize the main device with leg straps and vest sizes ranging from XS-XL.

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