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Laevo Exoskeletons

The Laevo exoskeleton offers powerful and comfortable support and is suitable for everyday work, all body shapes, and many work environments.

Laevo exoskeletons reduce strain on the body and adapt to every posture. They protect against or prevent back injuries and allow people to work longer, be more comfortable, and return home with more energy.

Laevo exoskeletons work by storing energy every time you bend. Energy is stored when moving down and given back when returning upright. Users experience less effort and fatigue.

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Laevo Flex

Laevo Flex protecting a warehouse person

Laevo Flex Exoskeleton

Comfortable and personal: Laevo Flex has a comfortable and personal fit for all body shapes, easily adjustable, supporting long wearing time, and very quick to take on and off. Its modular system has been specifically designed to fit all users.

Powerful support: Laevo Flex provides up to 2x more support going down and 3x more support coming up, during the complete bending movement.

Dynamic lifting: Laevo Flex allows for more dynamic and asymmetric lifting, including wide-stance squats.

Walk without restriction: Walk miles a day with Laevo Flex without any restriction, or the need to switch the exo on/off.

Dust and water resistant: Wear it also outside. The smartjoint and system is dust and water resistant.

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